Dance Secrets Revealed

Proper shoes for dancing have soles which allow for spinning and sliding on the hardwood floor, i.e., dance shoes, dress shoes with leather soles or hard rubber that doesn’t leave behind marks on the dance floor. Examples of improper shoes are flip flops, hiking boots, tennies or cross trainers, sandals without ankle straps, or shoes that have a deep tread. Part of the concern is the well being of the dance floor and part of the concern is for your knees, ankles and body. If you have improper shoes you’ll be more likely to twist your ankle, torque your knee or even fall down when trying to do a spin.

Wear appropriate attire; clothing that allows freedom of movement. You’ll start off feeling a little bit cooler (the studio is air-conditioned after all) and then will warm up as you dance. So you might want to wear extra layers that you can later remove.

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