Group Classes & Workshops

Classes are designed to last for several weeks as we cover the material. The first class of each series sets up the groundwork of the dance. It gives you a few basic patterns, timing, general lead/follow information and the basic framework and posture of the dance.

Out Dancing Group Classes
Out Dancing Group Class

Each week thereafter, we start by reviewing the beginning steps and then we continue by adding more steps and patterns. As the class progresses you’ll improve your lead or follow skills and add to your pattern knowledge. By the end of the series we will have covered many steps, patterns and techniques to make you more comfortable and a better dancer. You can bring a friend or come by yourself. Because so many people want to learn both the lead and the follower’s parts we can usually match everyone up with a dance partner.

Class Levels
Classes are available in beginning and more advanced levels. Level II and Intermediate levels are routine-based and requires fundamental knowledge of the dance being taught. Continue to learn new material while reviewing and mastering the basics.

We also offer workshops that provide more intensive instruction. Daniel focuses on a specific dance style with the objective of “getting you up to speed” quickly. The intensive workshops are fast-paced and better for students who are already competent at other forms of partner dancing.

Check our class schedule for more information.