Out Dancing This Fall

Fall Group classes start Friday, September 23rd and Sunday, September 25th

East Coast Swing (Beginning/Intermediate)

Fridays, September 23rd—October 28th, 6:30—7:30 PM
East Coast Swing (Beginning and Intermediate)
        at the Ankeny Street StudioSE 9th Ave & SE Ankeny St., PDX
Swing is a great dance in and of itself and it will help you in learning many other dances. If you’d like to eventually learn Country 2-Step; Cha Cha; the Shuffle; West Coast Swing or even Nightclub 2-Step – It ALL starts with this class. The timing of Swing and Country 2-Step are the same; both take 6 beats of music for a basic. The chasse is the same from ECS to Cha Cha to the Shuffle. The underarm turns that we learn in Swing are used in all of the afore mentioned dances. Take this class and prepare for whatever the future might hold!
– $15 per drop in or
– $60 for 6 classes

East Coast Swing (Advanced)

Sundays, September 25th—October 30th, 6:30—7:30 PM
East Coast Swing (Advanced)
        at the Ankeny Street Studio; SE 9th Ave & SE Ankeny St., PDX
Rhythm flourishes and timing changes abound! Enjoy Intricate patterns and gain a more skilled level of connection. And of course many turns, spins and twirls. Note that many of the ECS patterns are directly transferrable to West Coast Swing (in November).
– $15 per drop in or
– $60 for the 6-lesson series

Country-Western 2-Step (Beginning)

Fridays, November 4th—December 16th, 6:30—7:30 PM
Country-Western 2-Step (Beginning)
        at the Ankeny Street Studio; SE 9th Ave & SE Ankeny St., PDX
Think of Country 2-Step as a Single time Swing that travels. The basics of this dance are easy but there are enough variations to not be boring! Country 2-Step is the essential partner dance for most country-western music and a must have for Stomptown and other gay dance venues in town. This beginning class is suitable for everyone. No dance experience is required–just a desire to have fun!
– $15 per drop-in
– $70 for 7 classes

West Coast Swing (Beginning)

Sundays, November 6th—December 11th, 6:30—7:30 PM
West Coast Swing (Beginning)

        at the Ankeny Street Studio; SE 9th Ave & SE Ankeny St., PDX
Often referred to as sophisticated swing; the West Coast Swing consistently proves it’s relevance by adapting to the music of our time. This fun and playful version of swing is enjoyed by young and old alike! The class is suitable for new dancers as well as people who wish a refresher of West Coast Swing prior to the Intermediate class being offered in January.
– $15 per drop-in or
– $60 for 6 classes

More Classes = More Fun

In addition to Daniel’s regular Out Dancing classes at the Ankeny Street Studio on Friday and Sunday, he also teaches group classes at the Dance with Joy Studios on Tuesday nights:

Tuesdays, 7:30 — 8:30 PM
Cha-Cha (Beginning)
        at the Dance With Joy Studios; 7981 SE 17th Ave., PDX
A Latin dance of Cuban origin, the Cha Cha is energetic and lively. You’ll get a nice workout as you easily learn the basic steps and practice your sexy Latin hip movements. Although originating in the 1950s, you’ll soon see why the Cha Cha is one of those timeless dances that can draw dancing partners together physically and spiritually.
– $15 per drop-in
– multi-session discount if you buy a punch card

Private Lessons

Private instruction is also available for those who wish to go beyond the level of the group classes. Private lessons are also great as a supplement to group instruction. With individualized attention you can focus on your specific dancing needs while learning at your own pace.